Ultimate Guide to the Duolingo English Test 2023: Part 2


 This article covers:
  • What is the Duolingo English Test (DET) Structure?
  • How is the DET scored?
  • Tips for Success in the DET
  • DET: Frequently Asked Questions



The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an affordable and convenient digital-first, high-stakes English proficiency test by Duolingo, the most popular way to learn a language online.

Recognized by 4500 universities in over 50 countries, the DET evaluates all four language skills - Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, providing a comprehensive assessment of your English proficiency. This article provides a complete overview with everything you need to know about how the DET is structured and scored.

Duolingo English Test Structure

One of the best ways to learn about the structure of the test is to watch the video walkthrough, available on the Duolingo English Test website (https://go.duolingo.com/walkthrough) or YouTube link. You will see a test taker go through each portion of the test, including setup and upload.


Skills tested


Introduction and onboarding

Ensure your computer’s camera, speakers, and microphone are functioning properly. Submit your government-issued photo ID. Review the test rules and requirements to avoid breaking any rules. 

5 mins

Adaptive test

Measures your English skills through a series of different question types such as Read and Complete, Read and Select, Listen and Select etc. 

45 minutes

Writing and Speaking Sample 

You will be given a prompt and asked to respond at length 

10 minutes

Duolingo English Test Score

The Duolingo English Test is a computer-based examination that assesses an individual's practical language proficiency skills. The test score is determined on a comprehensive scale of 10-160, offering a thorough evaluation of the test-taker's English language abilities.

Upon completion of the Duolingo English Test, candidates receive a holistic score ranging from 10 to 160, rather than individual scores for each section. Generally, reputable academic programs require a score exceeding 120, although it is advisable to review the specific requirements of each program you intend to apply for. To understand how the DET score compares to IELTS and TOEFL scores, please refer to the table below.

Duolingo English Test


IELTS Academic





















































Duration of the Test

The test has a total duration of one hour, divided into two sections. The adaptive section takes 45 minutes, while the Speaking and Writing Section requires only 10 minutes.

Test Prerequisites

To take the test, you will need the following:

  • A valid passport, driver's license, or government ID
  • A stable internet connection
  • Adequate lighting in the room
  • Access to a computer or laptop
  • A front-facing camera
  • A supported browser such as Chrome or Opera
  • A functioning microphone
  • Speakers

Post-Test Procedure

Once the test is completed, it is securely transmitted to the proctors. The candidate receives an email specifying the estimated timeframe for score delivery, typically within 2 days. When the scores are ready, the candidate is notified via email. Within a 30-day period, candidates can take up to two certified tests. A certified test refers to a standard test where scores are generated. If any technical difficulties arise during the exam, they will not be counted towards the two-test limit.

Duolingo English Test scores remain valid for 2 years. After receiving the scores, candidates have the option to directly send them to educational institutions from the results page. There is no limit to the number of score reports that can be sent, and this service is provided at no additional cost. In case of any further queries, you can simply click here and get your doubts clear!


Tips for Success with the DET

Tips for preparation

The Duolingo English Test doesn't require specialized preparation, memorization, or expensive classes. It is designed to accurately evaluate a test taker's genuine proficiency in English. Additionally, the Duolingo English Test website provides a free practice test, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the question types found in the actual exam. You can take this sample test multiple times, gaining a realistic test experience that closely mirrors the live test environment. You can also view our study plan specially curated to help you maximize your DET score!

Tips to avoid breaking rules

Just like any other test, the DET also has certain rules which should be abided to ensure a hassle-free assessment. Below are a few tips to prevent rule violations -

  • Keep your attention directed towards the screen.
  • Ensure that your testing environment is isolated.
  • Employ natural communication while speaking and writing.
  • Make sure all programs on your computer are shut down.

You can also watch these instructional videos for a clear understanding of the rules. For further clarification of any doubts, you can visit this link

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Frequently asked questions regarding the Duolingo English Test

Q: Is Duolingo English Test more difficult than IELTS or TOEFL?

A: In essence, all these tests aim to evaluate the English proficiency of test-takers on an equal basis. Looking at the scoring table provided above, it becomes evident that the scoring range encompasses multiple exams, indicating that regardless of the chosen test, the obtained score will accurately reflect the test-taker's current English proficiency. Therefore, it is a misconception to perceive one exam as easier than the other. This demonstrates that neither the TOEFL nor the Duolingo English Test is inherently easier than the other; however, the latter offers a more user-friendly testing experience. The DET also features shorter reading passages.

Q: Is the Duolingo English Test accepted for visas?

A: One of the most common queries that students have after deciding their dream college is - which language proficiency tests are accepted for visas. When it comes to DET, it is accepted for visas in the US, UK as well as Ireland. Regarding Canada and Australia, the test is accepted, but the process is slightly different. 

Q: How much does the Duolingo English Test cost?

A: The Duolingo English Test is priced at $59, which is equivalent to less than INR 5000. For individuals interested in taking the test, there is an option to purchase a test bundle, enabling them to attempt two tests. The test bundle is available at a discounted rate of $49 each, totaling $98. Choosing the test bundle can lead to cost savings, particularly if one is unsure about achieving a high score on the initial attempt. After purchasing the test bundle, test takers have 21 days to take the first test. Once the results are released, the second test can be taken within an additional 21 days. It is important to note that the fee for the test bundle is non-refundable.

Q: What is the maximum number of allowable attempts for the Duolingo English Test?

A: The Duolingo English Test does not impose any restrictions on the total number of attempts. However, it is essential to be aware that test takers cannot take the test more than three times within a 30-day timeframe. To ascertain eligibility for purchasing another test, individuals should review their test history from the preceding 30 days and tally the number of test administrations. Even in cases of multiple test failures, additional attempts can still be made.

Q: What is the duration of validity for a Duolingo English Test score?

A: The results of the Duolingo English Test remain valid for a period of two years. Even after the expiration, test takers will still be able to view their expired result on the homepage. However, the ability to share the result or access the certificate will no longer be available. It is important to note that the duration of score validity may vary depending on the specific requirements established by each university. While some institutions may accept older scores, others may require applicants to provide more recent scores. Therefore, it is crucial to verify the specific score validity requirements of each institution to which one is applying.

Q: Is a Duolingo English Test score of 120 considered good?

A: The Duolingo English Test employs a scoring scale ranging from 10 to 160. Attaining a score of 120 or higher on the Duolingo English Test is regarded as commendable. However, the required scores vary among different universities, so it is advisable to directly consult the universities to determine the specific scores they require. The overall score reported in the results provides a general overview of one's abilities, while the subscores evaluate proficiency in specific areas, providing a more detailed assessment. For additional information, test takers can refer to the score interpretation providedhere.

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