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ETS is the world's largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization. The GRE Test is the world’s most widely used admissions test for graduate & professional school. The TOEFL tests prepare students for university study, immigration and more.

How to redeem GRE Vouchers

1. Visit

2. Click "Log In / Register" in the top right to create an account or log in.

3. Select Register and choose the GRE General test

4. Reserve your preferred testing location and date

5. When you check out, enter the voucher code you purchased with ApplyBoard to book your exam for free!

How to redeem TOEFL Vouchers

After you receive your voucher codes, you can redeem the code for any TOEFL® iBT exam at

Create an account
Once there, click "Create an Account" to register for an account.

Book an exam
Once you create an account, book an exam using your voucher.

Note: any additional products selected on the ETS website may have their own cost and ApplyBoard is not responsible for said products or their pricing.

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