Using Technology to Win in the English Language Testing Market


 This article covers:
  • What is the impact of technology on the language learning market? 
  • How to meet student demand for advanced technology and online learning? 
  • How to improve student success on English language proficiency tests with AI-generated technology and online resources?
  • How to optimize costs and access discounts for language training technology and resources with vouchers? 


The rise in language learning and testing technology over the past several years has reshaped education and democratized learning, making language learning solutions more accessible to students than ever before. This has led to an era of student choice and intense competition as demand for remote and online learning continues to grow with the increased adoption of smart devices and online users.

The pandemic forced schools to operate remotely, which increased the use of language learning applications and online learning. Similarly, test and test prep providers started investing in technology for individualized, remote learning, as well as data-driven, real-time training with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

English language teachers and trainers can capitalize on the growing demand for advanced technology and online learning by using ApplyShop vouchers to improve the student experience and outcomes for English language proficiency tests such as the PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Maximizing student success and enhancing the student experience with technology doesn’t have to be expensive. Using academic and English language proficiency vouchers, you can optimize costs for higher quality language training and access significant discounts to set your business apart.

Real-time, AI generated feedback

Language trainers can use technology to capitalize on the demand for independent learning and time away from students (such as homework assignments) by providing them with real-time feedback on their pronunciation and speaking skills. This can help your students progress faster in their language learning and significantly improve their outcomes, both at school and work.

Real-time feedback and accent coaching allow students to identify and correct errors as they practice by providing immediate and specific guidance on their pronunciation and intonation. This can lead to more efficient and effective language learning, as well as improved confidence and fluency, which can be beneficial for communication, social interactions, as well as professional advancement.

With ApplyShop's BoldVoice vouchers you can offer your students advanced accent coaching technology with real-time, AI generated feedback at more affordable prices. This can help improve student success on the speaking section of language proficiency tests including PTETOEFL, and IELTS as well as boost their confidence for other study abroad requirements such as the Canadian Student Visa Interviewthe US F-1 Visa Interview, or the UK Credibility Interview.

BoldVoice is a mobile application that helps non-native English speakers rapidly improve their pronunciation with Hollywood accent coaches and artificial intelligence (AI)-generated feedback as they practice.

Based on the founders' personal experience, BoldVoice was created in an effort to overcome unjust barriers and systemic bias faced by non-native English speakers, including wage, hiring, and funding disparities. Speaking to BuiltIn, co-founder Lakra noted, “What we’re building is something that gives more people access and makes, hopefully, the world a place where people from all types of linguistic backgrounds and all types of financial backgrounds can have more equal access to opportunities.”

The BoldVoice application has four native languages represented, including Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Persian native speakers. It also helps track student progress by providing a detailed assessment of pronunciation strengths and areas for improvement

Online Courses

The value of the E-learning market is booming and projected to reach $457.8 Billion by 2026 as the adoption of smart and connected devices continues to increase and students are turning more and more to online learning.

Online learning gives students more choice and flexibility with hundreds of courses that they can access remotely from the comfort of their homes. Recent data shows that as many as 70% of students agree that online classes are better than traditional learning and E-learning can help students retain between 25% and 60% more information.

With ApplyShop's Blyth Academy vouchers, you can capitalize on the demand for online learning and become more competitive by offering high school prerequisites at the lowest cost. This means that you no longer have to steer away students that are missing prerequisites to study abroad and can provide prospective students with much more choices.

With Blyth vouchers, you can give your students access to Over 160 courses that they can start anytime and help support their future success. 98% of Blyth Academy Students are accepted into post-secondary programs and 85% receive partial or full scholarships into post-secondary institutions.

Online test prep and assessment

Online test preparation and assessments allow students to learn at their own pace and on their schedule, regardless of where they are located. They are also more accessible for students with mobility or other issues that make it difficult to attend in-person classes. Online assessments can be used to track student performance and engagement to help teachers identify and prioritize teaching strategies and topics.

Students can access materials and resources from anywhere with an internet connection including practice tests, sample questions, and interactive exercises, and get immediate feedback on how they scored compared to other test takers. This can help them improve their language skills where they need it the most and help increase their chances of passing the language proficiency test.

You can offer your students significant discounts on their test preparation and assessment materials with a secure prepaid test prep voucher. Test prep and test vouchers can set your business stand out by offering your students more value at a lower price. Vouchers can also help reduce administrative costs and tasks when purchasing in bulk, so you and your team can focus more on the core business.

Test prep vouchers are fast, safe, and convenient. They allow advisors and students to save money on official English Language proficiency preparation materials and simplify the application process for a better overall experience. You can also give your students extra confidence and maximize their chances of success on test day.

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Supplementary technologies to maximize language training effectiveness

English language teachers can use a variety of other online resources to craft a highly effective and branded language learning curriculum and teaching methods. This will allow you to strategically supplement your student’s learning and effectively lower costs while improving student experience and outcomes.

Personalized instruction: You can use tools like Google Classrooms to quickly create branded learning plans and even customize them for your students based on their individual or group needs and progress. Moreover, this will enable you to capitalize on student demand for online content and guide your student’s online learning journey with the most relevant links and resources. You will be able to see student progress in real-time and can significantly lower the overhead of materials while drastically increasing student engagement.

Virtual classrooms and Collaborative learning: English Teachers can use online tools such as Zoom or Google Meet to conduct virtual classes, which can be especially useful for students who are unable to attend in-person classes. You can also provide opportunities for your students to work together on language-based projects or tasks, which can strengthen their language proficiency and speaking confidence as well as improve collaborative skills.

Gamification & Media: Teachers can use free tools like Kahoot, Mentimeter, and games to learn English to create interactive and engaging language learning experiences by incorporating fun activities into their instruction. Additionally, you can monitor student progress and direct students to authentic English language sources that will personally appeal to them such as social media posts, Ted Talks and YouTube videos, news articles, podcasts, TV shows and movies in English.

Overall, technology can be a powerful tool for language teachers, providing them with a wide range of resources and strategies to help their students improve their language skills, and providing students with a variety of engaging, interactive and personalized learning opportunities. By using ApplyBoard’s vouchers you can be a trusted source of the most effective and cost-efficient technology for your students. Thereby, you can capitalize on the growing demand for online and independent learning and improve student success on English language learning tests, which can be one of the most critical first steps in supporting the international student application journey.

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